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Kathleen Magat

Sales Agent

License # 778614

Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Magat is a Bay Area native who recently moved to Austin, TX in search of a better quality of life. She is an accomplished corporate professional with extensive experience in operations, strategic planning and project management. During her career she identified deficiencies in operations and implemented strategies that resulted in program efficiencies as well as cost savings and service expansion.

To add to these successes, Kathleen was responsible for designing and implementing a telephony system which allowed for seamless multi-site call-center operations. Recently, she lead the development of a new compensation model which was successfully implemented across the organization. As if this weren't enough, Kathleen has also achieved success in real estate; she holds a license since February 2022 and is quickly becoming one of the top agents in her brokerage. In her first year alone she achieved over $2.3M+ in sales, most notably securing a contract on a listing where 13 offers were on the table!

What sets Kathleen apart from other agents is her ability to build strong relationships with clients before, during and after their transaction. Her great communication and negotiation skills as well as her natural knack for understanding what matters to people have made her a reliable resource and an invaluable ally on their home-buying journey.

When she's not working hard for her clients, Kathleen enjoys playing the piano, trying different foods around Austin, watching Philadelphia Eagles games (in solidarity with her husband Jordan) or simply singing along during car rides with the family -3 beautiful kids included! She's also very active at church where she serves in the campus ministries. To top it off, Kathleen holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is currently treasurer of the Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce - Austin Regional Chapter.